I’m married for 28 years this April 29th, a southern California native, I stared my career in action sports as a camera operator, and have three sisters. Today, I am a respected adventure survival filmmaker, who left behind fear and “white male privilege” to embrace truth, Grace and womanhood. Which turned my life into the ultimate survival show.

I didn’t make it easy on myself. Like many late-stage trans women, I had made one helluva guy; succeeding as husband (a hopeless romantic and the gold standard for women but the bane of lazy men), the only son, big brother and legendary adventurer uncle to their children. Everything in my life screamed “Alpha Male,”Ultimate Man,”Best Boy”, “the dude,” and “the man.”

No one could guess that as, a top survival showrunner for Discovery and History Channels, and having built my reputation for leading über-male productions into the world’s most dangerous locations, was losing a lifelong battle for my soul.

BUT – it took true love from my wife of 26 years, for me to shake off fifty years of expectations from my family, society and myself. But first, I had  face my own denial to dismantle the walls of a  prison that I had built brick by brick.

I hope that my articulate and insightful perspective shines new light on the transgender experience and that my revealing myself this deeply with a confession told with unflinching clarity, inspiring courage, and engaging humor, will make my story a must read for any human, of any persuasion.  Mine is a love story that will inspire and affirm anyone.